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Support for Christian women overcoming disordered eating. 

What We Believe

Nourish is a space for Christian women to process and navigate the journey of integrating faith into recovery.


As Dietitians and Therapists, we have heard countless clients question how Godfaith, and spirituality connect to the journey of recovery. 


Nourish is the space to ask those hard questions.


To instill peace, encouragement, and connection, as we go through the Bible to see what God says about our relationship with food.

We would be thrilled and honored for to you join us.

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The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts

-CS Lewis

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What you will learn


A better understanding of the relationship between Christianity and disordered eating.


How Christianity contributes to a healthier relationship with food, body image, and movement. 


Functional ways to utilize your relationship with God as a tool for relapse prevention. 

Interested in leading group?

We are looking for bible believing licensed therapists and registered dietitians to lead Nourish groups all over the country!

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We're so glad you're interested!

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